The AML verification policy is aimed at identifying transactions related to the financing of terrorism, money laundering, as well as other illegal activities, since the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means is the concealment of an illegal source of funds by transferring them into funds or investments that look legitimate.

Transactions are frozen if the risk exceeds 60% or if the address has a connection with red risk platforms.

General provisions

To prevent illegal operations, the Service sets certain requirements for all Applications created by the User:

1. The sender and the recipient in the application must be the same person. Transfers in favor of third parties are prohibited.

2. The user’s personal data must be up-to-date and completely reliable.

3. It is prohibited to create applications through anonymous proxy servers or any other anonymous Internet connections.

Transaction monitoring:

Monitoring User transactions and analyzing the received data is also a tool for risk assessment and detection of suspicious transactions. If money laundering is suspected, our Service monitors all transactions and reserves the right to:

– report suspicious transactions to the relevant law enforcement agencies;

– ask the User to provide any additional information and documents;

– suspend or terminate the User account;

– withhold user funds until the incident is fully investigated;

– refund to the User is carried out minus 10% + network commission.

02.12.2023, 19:15