Dear Clients! The security of transactions can be compromised due to circumstances beyond the control of our service. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following rules for converting electronic currency:

  • Always require confirmation of the identity of the person to whose details you are going to transfer funds. This can be done through a personal call to skype, icq or by requesting information about the status of the opponent’s wallet on the payment systеm website;
  • Never make loans using “irrevocable” electronic payment systems. In this case, the chance to face the fact of fraud is extremely high;
  • If you are offered to make a payment in a way other than that specified in the instructions for using our service, refuse to make the payment and report the incident to our specialist. The same applies to payments for applications not created by you personally;
  • Refuse to conduct funds owned by third parties through your own bank accounts. There are cases when conducting such transactions for a fee, led to the fact that the account holder became an accomplice in a financial crime, unaware of malicious intent on the part of fraudsters;
  • Always check with the exchange office employee for the information that comes to your mail.

Our and similar services do not provide loans, do not borrow funds from users or at interest, do not accept donations. If you receive suspicious messages on our behalf from similar to ours or other details, refrain from fulfilling the requirements specified there and report the incident to our support service.

Taking care of your financial well-being.

27.05.2024, 18:50